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Avery Traffic Management

About Us

Avery Traffic Consultants has more than thirty years’ experience in traffic management, traffic legislation and traffic enforcement. Efficient road traffic management is an essential part of any highway or public event project which needs to maintain the highest levels of safety and efficiency.
As experienced traffic consultants with an impressive client list, we are able to provide a solid, comprehensive package from the initial preparation of road traffic management CAD drawings through to the implementation of a workable and cost-effective traffic management scheme. Avery Traffic Consultants will provide a solution that minimises disruption and maximises safety aspects for both road users and site staff.

Traffic Management

Don’t let the red tape around road traffic management snarl your project and slow it down: our expert project liaison service is essential to the successful planning and completion of any highway project. We will work with you as an advisory service to help your project gain approval with the local Highway Authority and highway partners such as emergency services, bus companies and more, and our traffic consultants will attend site visits and complete Highway Authority applications for road works or road closures.

Traffic Consultants

Proper planning prevents poor production and performance. Avery Traffic Management Consultants can provide you with high quality road traffic management plans for works or events. Based on Ordnance Survey or diagrammatic, these road traffic management plans provide information to determine exactly what is required to maximise safety and minimise congestion for your project. For example they can show traffic control systems, traffic management or diversions, and all road traffic management plans will be fully compliant with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual.

Contact Avery Traffic Consultants today to discuss your needs for full-service professional traffic management solutions which will ensure your highway project is successful.

Office: 0844 812 6006